Friday, October 31, 2008

Use safari apple! Unlike mozilla or some freaky said 'mazola', safari apple is way more faster and absolutely safer for those who want to log out from their account as quick as possible..

Monday, October 27, 2008

Check it out!!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So Hard To Be In The Experts.....


So hard to achieve a victory when we were dealing with the experts... However, it would gift us a completely huge satisfaction when all the effort payed back then...........
Practices make perfect. It is quite annoying when the amatur like certain tough guy claim his six packed body can prevent him from being a loser,but the truth is he is the ultimate loser in da house!! So... for the others that not fit enough like guy i just said u all can be the winner because we are the ultimate Orang Timur!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Broken Tap!! I'm Innocent!!


Even though the blame on you, you can put the blame on me.......i feels like being in a place of Akon even though I'm not racists...hahaha....
The phenomena happen yesterday when one of the tap in our house suddenly broke by a coincident... Its not because I'm becoming a hulk or anything that totally as ridiculous as something like that but somehow I lost ability to control my right arm muscular. Maybe its because of the effect of the Mr.Zam making me workout my arm with scraping the palstic plate all day long....hahaha...Hope this would be the most acceptable excuse for breaking the tap. Anyway, the most important thing here is I'm innocent and don't make me pay for it!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lost Mind??A lot of losses then....


Losing minds means you are out of control... Beware from losing mind instead of losing yourself...
A few days ago before i wrote this blog, theres a romours about a young man that actuallly not very close to me called 'Naga Kurap', (20 years old) lost his mind when the rain fall down....
This is really a shocking syptoms, even speciallist couldn't handle the case where he is not just losing the originally empty minded but also his ability to make a call, short messages (sms), integrity, consiousness and even though his soul...
According to the diagnostic from deputy of Medics Under The Bridge, they never face anything like this case before...and described it as a ' culture shock ' after the all the tests including the MRI, Lumber Puncture, CT Scan, etc didn't show any connection between all the syptoms with his brain which in the other hand, shows that his brain is healthy enough and impossible to cousing any problems with his annoying behaviour like he just did.
Meanwhile a few journalist from The Babu Times putting a lot of effort to solve the case including tracked all the losses all way down from the last place Naga visited onto his house. "Nothing.....i gave up", said Mr.K (21) one of the member in the tracking expidition in the public conference at 4.00 a.m. October 20th 2008 and gives a thought that Naga was totally ruined the day messing up all the people around with his dissapearing.
Amazingly, the day after the conference, Naga Kurap came back home happily seems like nothing had ever happened to him. What a jerk....
Besides, all the annoying behaviour and the fishy syptoms also dissapered even it was raining except the integrity as an east people which always sucks even it was sunny.
The case will always be remembered and written in history as the weirdest thing ever happen in a world and most importantly, how can someone that lost almost everything act like cool evethough everybody knows that he is just a madness + messed up youngster... Well, if you ask me,the answer is : who cares, he's not a presiden neither Osama though..nobody interested in killing him in the airport anyway. =))

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Militarism's Stuff


pirates vs private??


Only the most genius one cant compare the diferrent between the pirate copy n a private copy of stuff that actually is private copy...
The truth is people actually never care about it..
"Life is not just about you, its about us!!"
Besides the pirate copy is more cheaper and most importantly...
........nobody interested in stealing it!!
We need people so as people need us...
So come on..why private your stuff instead of spreading it to all of the people around..
I just copy this from one of the fake Sherlock Holmes's Book..
Tell me if u agree with it or not...
Just wonder how many agree with the nonsense facts..

Drugs is illegal in Islam


Drugs is illegal in Islam.. so let fight together to prevent us from the darkness in the future..

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